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The need of re-inventing sync deals | Pixelbands roadmap v2.0 + WL spots giveaway!

The music industry is in dire need of a reform. This is why we're so vocal about web3 being the tool that has the possibility to change the industry's ways and set a new standard. Being a true collaborative space, we're happy to connect and highlight projects that are working on doing exactly that.

In this article, we're interviewing Jai, Head of Marketing of Pixelbands. We talk about what is pixelbands, the web3 space and how to improve it, a different take on sync licensing, their new roadmad, advice on how to build on web3 & much more! Read until the end to see how you can get a Guest list allocation for their upcoming NFT release.

We’re gonna start this off with an easy question, could you introduce yourself and tell us what Pixelbands is?

I’m Jai. Pixelbands Head of Marketing and 1 of 7 core team members.

Pixelbands is a web3 Music Technology company focused on 3 key areas:

  • Community and NFT collections - Our NFT collections are aimed to build our community through fun generative audio visual collection based around genres.

  • Web3 Music Artist Tools - Our Studio, Launchpad & Marketplace plus future web3 music technologies for artists to create, distribute and minutiae their music.

  • Education and onboarding - Our Founding Artist & Community ambassador program plus our educational section for artists helps us not only educate new musicians to the space, but it allows us to work with artists more closely to also learn and develop some best practises for releases, community development and other unknown standards in the space.

More specifics on our NFT collection/s

Our first generation LoFi collection launched on January 18 as a generative collection on the Solana Blockchain.

4444 NFTs of pixel art band members playing different instruments were minted with the instrument stem/music loop attached as an attribute (Drums, Bass, Guitar & Keyboard). All the music attached to the NFTs are sourced from our community (>400 different stems) and receive 50% of all royalties on secondary sales (10% total, 5% to artist). Artists are given the key signature, tempo, length and instrument requirements for music stem submissions. To date, over $80 000 has been distributed directly to the wallets of the musicians who submitted the stems.

4 different instrument NFTs owned can be trialed in our Pixelbands Studio to combine the NFTs into one band NFT (the 4 band members are burnt on minting). Music stems are given perimeters for submission, are post-processed and undergo quality control so they will all work together when combined. The Band NFT contains all 4 original NFTs on a chosen stage with the combined audio/song.

What perks does one have by holding a single member vs a full band?

Holding a single band member NFT gives access to our web3 tools, giveaways, educational resources and access to our music community.

Holding a full band NFT gives you everything a single band member gets you plus advanced web3 tools (launchpad & Marketplace advanced features to come) more premium giveaways, extra chances to win normal holder giveaways and voting rights in community proposals and votes.

Our Gen 2 EDM Collection will be launching early Q3 featuring a new collection of 5555 with a new art style (non-pixelated) and more stems from our community. We have currently collected over 800 stems for the EDM Collection of Drums, Bass, Synths & FX.

How did the idea for this project come about?

It originated as a solo idea from founder Kotin who wanted to try to combine audio visual loops together to make small songs/loops. Initially he was going to create all the audio stems/loops. Once the team came together the idea for the community to provide the music came about and the experiment of Pixelbands began.

The idea was to see if we could not only combine these community sourced audio loops (decentralized music creation), but also if we could code artists' wallet addresses into the smart contracts to automate the royalty splits.

It worked perfectly and to date we have distributed over $80k royalties to around 70 artists directly to their wallets through secondary sales. This has given many artists the funds to start their web3 journey so we feel like the project is already a huge success.

Your project is based on the Solana blockchain. What was it about Solana, in comparison to other low gas-fee blockchains, that made you want to build on it?

At the time the project began development (October 2021) Solana was the most established layer 1, low fee blockchain. However, the main reason is that the team met through other Solana projects. So we all had experience, connections and knowledge of the Solana space.

Have you thought about the possibility of operating on multiple blockchains?

100% we plan on doing this. We are actually aiming to focus more on distribution tools (Launchpad) rather than sales tools (marketplace). We plan to distribute to all Solana marketplaces first, then eventually also distribute to other chains.

In terms of our NFT collections we have to be mindful of the fees as our studio requires 11 transactions to mint 4 band members into a single band. That’s why we didn’t go with ETH cause that’s a lot of gas fees.

Your first generation NFTs was Lofi and now you’re venturing towards the EDM collection. What criteria do you use for deciding the next genre for your NFTs?

LoFi was an easy choice to begin with as the quality of stems can be somewhat lower and still work in the collection. This meant we could accept all the stems we collected more easily.

EDM was next as it’s a very popular modern genre with many EDM artists and producers in the NFT space. Making small loops and stems is also something EDM music producers are very familiar with so we knew it would be easy to source the music from our community.

Next I personally want to do Hip Hop, but we haven’t discussed this at all as a team. There aren’t really any set criteria, but the team decides this together through brainstorming and discussions.

Web3 is a quite new environment that 's getting developed slowly and it’s obviously not perfect. If you could change anything about web3, what would it be?

We need to grow the space. The NFT space is still small. The Music NFT space is even smaller. We need more artists and more music fans in the space. To do this we need to collaborate and work together to show traditional musicians and music fans the benefits of the web3 music space. Hopefully this can change the quick flip and investing nature of the space and show the true power of NFTs, Community.

How would you like Pixelbands to shape the web3 music space? What are some of your most ambitious goals?

We want to be the largest distributor and licensing web3 music technology company.

  • Distribution to all music NFT platforms.

  • Sync licensing to other projects, games, metaverse and events.

  • Commercial Music NFTs (that are transferable) integrated into web2 content platforms.

We basically want to become Distrokid on steroids.

We had the opportunity to have a peak at your roadmap and were excited to see sync licensing there! What was your idea behind this roadmap goal, and how are you going to implement it?

We currently provide music for 3 projects on Solana and to begin with it will be a sync pool with even artist splits corresponding to the percent of music in the pool provided by each artist. Currently this is just with our Gen. 1 collection bands.

Eventually we want to develop a way to automate this with smart contracts so artists are paid directly to their wallet every time their song is used in another project. We are still working this out, but if we can “crack the code” this will revolutionize sync licensing and reduce the governing bodies required. This is only possible due to the transparency and automation of blockchain technology. This would result in a less complicated way for artists (particularly smaller artists without a team) to participate in music sync licensing.

Another extremely interesting point on your roadmap v2.0 is the Commercial Music NFT development. Could you tell us more about it?

We want to create a commercial license music NFT that is transferable. Currently this has never been done as in the traditional music industry commercial licenses are non transferable.

We hope to allow these commercial music NFTs to be purchased through a marketplace so content creators can easily browse and purchase these commercial music NFTs. This would allow small and medium artists to participate in commercial licensing without requiring a team to do so.

The concept is to add wallet integration into traditional web2 content platforms to whitelist accounts and content to use that music. Splits could be sent directly to the artists wallet or it could allow the content creator to keep the advertising revenue for themselves dependent on the smart contract purchased.

A content creator could sell the commercial music NFT in the future potentially for a profit and the artist would collect royalties on that sale. This could incentivize a content creator to purchase these commercial music NFTs instead of using royalty free music.

This also opens up interesting markets like YouTube DJ mixes that would allow the DJ to collect the advertising revenue depending on the smart contract, something that is almost impossible to do right now as you would have to deal with so many different teams of artists it’s not really viable.

What aspects of the new roadmap are you most excited about?

I think our switch in focus from being the best marketplace (sales/b2c) to being the best distributor (distribution/b2b) is exciting for several reasons.

This will allow us to collaborate more and work with other music NFT projects in the space instead of competing. We feel this is important right now because we need to grow the entire space so all music NFT projects and platforms can succeed.

This new strategy will allow us to provide marketplaces with more music and allow them to still collect their fees. A win-win for everyone. Our philosophy at Pixelbands is we don’t compete, we connect.

This also allows us to focus more on ideas like commercial music NFTs and sync licensing as that will all need Launchpad integration.

By providing a one stop shop in our Launchpad it also allows us to develop better analytic tools for artists like snapshot and airdrop tools so artists don’t require a developer. This means they will be able to know who has their Music NFTs and reward them though airdrops, gating and other artist tools. We feel this is important for artists to be able to better cultivate a more connected community.

Running this project must’ve come with many learning experiences. To finish this interview, we’d like to ask you to give any piece of advice or actionable steps for anyone who’d like to create something in the web3 space.

This is almost a whole other interview haha.

First of all you have to have passion and believe in what you’re doing. The space moves so fast and requires so much work that it can be easy to get burnt out. But if you believe in what you’re doing then it makes it that little bit easier to turn up every day to achieve your goals.

Stay consistent - Things won’t always go your way so you need to stick at it.

Be ready to pivot - because we are so early, no one really knows the right path forward. This may mean what you first thought and aimed to achieve may be wrong or not the best way forward. Be ready to change your thinking.

Understand you can be too early - this is something that literally happened to us. Our v1.0 beta Launchpad and marketplace launched about 1 week before the new Metaplex standard changed to allow for collections. This meant we had to almost completely rebuild everything we had created. In this case we were literally too early 🤦‍♂️


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