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Finding confidence through web3 with Shalisa Taylor

Updated: Aug 16

In the second article of our brand new series "conversations with web3 voices" we're presenting Shalisa Taylor. A singer songwriter that has found community in the web3 space and is determined to share and explore her artistry through music NFTs.

Shalisa is a 26 year old singer/songwriter from Sweden. She moved to Stockholm at 19 to study songwriting and stayed there for 5 years. Later, she decided to pursue her dream and moved to London where she deepened her knowledge in songwriting “my favorite part of being a musician is being a songwriter, for sure!”, she confessed..

My songs usually start with a thought I have. Something that happened to me, something I saw or something that I dream about. It becomes like a therapy session, when the song is finished, I can move on.”

Music seems to be running in her family’s blood. As she explained to us, “I’ve always been around music. My dad playing the guitar and piano and my mum singing around the house. I have always known that I wanted to be a musician, but didn’t start writing songs until I was about 13 years old. Of course, at the time they were top secret. It’s when I got accepted to a university course in songwriting and production I realized that I could write my own songs. I’ve been writing for myself and other people ever since”.

She’s developing her sound and musical career through an acoustic pop lens with a focus on storytelling. “Lyrics have always been important to me as a songwriter and I want my songs to tell a story, one that people can enjoy and relate to”, she tells us. Some of her inspirations for her music career are Adele, Norah Jones, Maggie Rogers and bands such as the Staves and Mumford and Sons.

As it is such a new space [music NFTS], there are no set rules yet. Which means artists are free to show their raw creativity, not directed by a board of people “knowing what works”."

It is common knowledge that the way the music industry set up it’s flawed. And, during the rise of web3 and collaborative work, we could agree that the industry needs to revisit the way it operates and relates to its’ artists.

This first revolution within artists is starting through NFT songs. So, we were excited to hear how she discovered and decided to make the step into working with them [music NFTs] “I started learning about music NFTs around the new year of 2022 because I was fascinated about this new world and how the focus had completely shifted. I thought it was so cool how music NFTs allowed consumers to view music as collectable art, and how it allowed artists to be in control of their craft again” she says.

“I really enjoy the freedom and the creative aspects of music NFTs. As it is such a new space, there are no set rules yet. Which means artists are free to show their raw creativity, and are not directed by a board of people that “know what works”.

However, in this day and age web2 focus is still important for an artist’s career and Shalisa seems to understand this dynamic “right now I am finishing my first album that will be out late this year. There is no name set to it yet, but the songs are all about life. What it feels like to move away, finding your home, losing people you love and learning to cope without them. I am going to release this album on streaming platforms. My goal this year is to also release more music NFTs. I am working every day and exploring new possibilities to where my next drop will be”.

“My goal is to make people fall in love with music the way I have. I want to connect to other people and their experiences and feelings through my music.”

“Time belongs to you” is her first NFT drop, you can find it on mint songs, it’s a very special release in her career. Not only because of the status of being Shalisa’s first song living on the blockchain. But because is the first song she's written, produced and released for herself. “I have always been writing my own songs but left the production to other people. For this project I wanted to prove to myself that I could do the whole thing myself, and so I did”.

And, before we had to finish our interview with her, we made sure to ask our final (and very important) question.

How does your ideal day look like?

My favorite kind of day is to wake up, make some coffee, reply to all my emails and then go get creative. Write a song about a topic that has been on my mind for some time. I would finish the day off with a walk to clear my head and get some distance from what I just wrote!


Her passion and devotion to music shows how important it is to maintain a healthy relationship between artists and other music professionals. It would be easy to assume songs are just “for fun” but to Shalisa (and other artists) it’s a way of expressing herself to the world, a type of therapy that allows her to relate to her experiences; her life.

We believe that through web3 we, as a community, can uplift and showcase how real and dedicated to their craft musicians really are. If you’ve enjoyed this interview and would like to connect with Shalisa you can find her below

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